Questions You Should Ask

How to Interview Your Pool Company

If you’re ready to take the plunge and invest in a swimming pool, be sure to research different companies in order to find a top-notch contractor to perform the installation.

What to Ask?

When you’re considering different contractors, always ask these crucial questions:

Does your business have a physical address?
This may sound like a no-brainer, but many people neglect to ask this key question. All too often, an unprofessional contractor working out of the back of his truck or van will take a customer’s money and then leave town without completing the job.
Will you provide references?
A reputable contractor should be willing and able to provide you with at least 50 solid references. Short reference lists can be a red flag for a contractor with limited experience or, even worse, a poor customer satisfaction track record.
Do you have general liability and workers’ compensation insurance?
If a contractor doesn’t provide coverage for all employees or sub-contractors, then you might be held liable for any injuries workers sustain on your property.
Will my contract cover all of the work needed to install my pool?
Some unscrupulous contractors will intentionally leave certain things out of the contract to make the estimate lower. Those omitted items could wind up adding thousands of dollars to your final bill. Make sure your contract lists all necessary work before construction starts.
Why should I choose your company?
Always ask what makes a potential contractor stand out from the competition, and how the company is going to provide you with the services you need and deserve. The answer will help give you good sense of the contractor’s personality and integrity.

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