The Treemont Job – Part #1 of 2

The Treemont Job – Part #1 of 2

The Treemont Job – Part #1 of 2

Welcome to the Treemont Job

Hello Summerhill Pools, Inc. customer! We first off want to congratulate you on passing all of the pretty and beautiful swimming pools to take a moment and inspect this dirty and rugged job site. Did you bring your hard hat and steel toe shoes? No? Yikes! Well, that’s okay. Just don’t tell Mark that you are here. Since you stopped by, we are happy to give you a tour anyway.

Welcome to the Treemont Job! This pool is currently a work in progress and we are already off to a running start. We have a lot of information to share with you so we will go ahead and dive down into it!

Getting Down & Dirty

What you see before you is a pool shell that is being created before your very eyes! This stage of the project is known in the pool world as the Shotcrete stage.

At this point, we have already Excavated the earth, run our Plumbing, installed our Electrical, laid our Rebar and added our Forms. Not sure what all of this means? Don’t worry, we are continuously publishing more articles to fill you in!

To provide a little explanation – Shotcrete is a pre-mixed concrete solution that we inject into the rebar to produce a rigid pool shell. We use shotcrete compared to gunite, which is the standard of the pool industry. Shotcrete is stronger, costlier and about 8 times stronger than its gunite counterpart.

This image is a great illustration of the shotcrete phase of the Treemont project. You can see two workers who are prepping the pool for the shotcrete install by running the shotcrete line to the pool.

This image illustrates the rugged yet delicate process of installating Shotcrete to form our pool shell. Shotcrete is the process of shooting pre-mixed concrete solution into the rebar forms to produce a rigid shell. We use shotcrete compared to gunite (standard of the pool industry). Shotcrete is stronger, costlier and about 8x stronger than its gunite counterpart.

Setting the Forms

In order for the Shotcrete to take on the shape that we need we install Forms. More simply put, forms are aluminum or plywood that are braced along the walls to create a stable structure that creates our pool shape. Secondly, we also use Rebar to produce an interlocking web of reinforcement material for the shotcrete to grab hold of and adhere to.

This is a technical and labor intensive process that typically takes 1-2 days to complete. If you ever watch a rebar installation crew you will be amazed at the speed that some of these craftsmen are able to tie steel! It’s certainly something to see if you are at one of our job sites.

Based Upon Our Designs

As you may have already guessed, we orchestrate this entire process based upon our designs and Pool Studio renderings that we create during the planning stages. You will be guided through the entire phase of our design process and given every option to design, shape, and create any pool that your imagination can create. This is the fun stage of the process and one that we enjoy every time!

For more examples of our previous design work, we invite you to following any of the following articles:

Specifications for the Treemont Job

Now that we have either provided a path to enlightenment or bored your socks off, we think its a great idea to give you some more specifics on the Treemont Job itself.

Specifications for the Job:

  • Desired Pool Shape: Rectangle
  • Special Accommodations: Wanted special steps for pets to enter/exit the pool (don’t worry pet lovers… you will get your pictures in the next article)
  • Budget for the Project: $45,000
  • Construction Time Frame: Pool Dug on January 2 — by January 12 we are ready for Plaster

Material Selections for the Job:

We would like to note, some of the materials listed in the above list are not installed yet but will be soon! Rest assured, we will be posting another article over this beautiful Treemont pool very, very soon and will include some beautiful images of this completed pool.

To the Treemont family, we are very grateful for your business and blessed that you selected Summerhill Pools, Inc. as your premier Dallas Pool Builder!

New Pool Construction – Bellewood Job

New Pool Construction – Bellewood Job

The Bellewood Job

The Inspiration

The Bellewood Drive job is a perfect example of creating a gorgeous outdoor space. This pool is designed for friends and family to gather and enjoy each others company. This home owner really grasped the concept of creating a backyard oasis.

We always talk about the importance of designing your pool around the natural layout of your backyard; this pool is no exception. The Bellewood Drive job is a beautiful project that truly maximized its backyard space. We created a large pool with enough deck room for cooking and entertainment.

So, how did we design such a unique space and make it look so glamorous? Let’s dive in!

This is the Bellewood Drive Job located in Dallas TX. This is a picture of a new pool construction completed by Summerhill Pools.

This pool is absolutely gorgeous. We can’t say it enough so we had to share some more brilliant pictures. Notice how the scenery is designed to be elevated to give the impression of a taller backyard. This is well balanced by the Umbrellas located along the left hand side of the deck (top image).

The Design

When a new home owner approaches us looking to hire us on to construct a new pool, we first evaluate several things:

  • Budget for the project (most of our jobs span from $40,000 – $100,000)
  • The Depth of the Job
    • Are we working on a pool remodel? Or is this going to be a new pool?
    • Are we constructing any additional structures, such as a Pergola, Outdoor Kitchen, Landscape Lighting, or Decking?
  • The Size of the backyard & Layout
    • We use the power of Pool Studio to bring all of our drawings to life. For a complete list of our Pool Studio drawings, we invite you to follow this link.

We always advise of customers of one thing and its what we are renowned for. We design completely custom backyards that are catered towards your layout, lifestyle and desired functionality. This is where the rubber meets the road and where we have the most fun working with our home owners.

Our design services are completely free and available for any stage of backyard improvement. We generate Pool Studio renderings, send you the YouTube link and provide you with a quick turnaround on the renderings. This is a great way to communicate and one that our customers love!

The Bellewood Drive Job located in Dallas TX. This is a night shot of the pool which showcases the brilliant LED Pool Light Technology.

This is a great photo of the Bellewood Job taken in the evening. It show cases the beauty of the deep blue plaster complimented by the LED Lighting along the left hand wall of the pool.

Inspecting This Job

Because this job is so gorgeous, we want to brag about a few details. The details are critical to every job; that’s where we differentiate ourselves from the competition. With that said, we love to share our work what makes each job so special and unique to us. Starting with the pool decking, we created square concrete pads out of poured concrete. We spaced these pads exactly the same distance apart and parallel to each other to create the proper look.

This is a European style of decking that is popular on high-end pools across much of France and Italy. We enjoy the beautiful look it creates and think that it really boosts the elegance of the decking for this pool.

The pool plaster is a deep blue finish which is complimented by the standard-sized LED Pool Lights that are shown along the left wall (in the top image). These lights are capable of transforming into any color or light show desired by using the Screen Logic Bundle Application from Pentair Pool Systems. This is a brilliant technological innovation that allows you to control your swimming pool from the palm of your hand, i.e: your iPhone or Android device.

We also added LED Bubblers to the Splash Pad for this pool to create a synchronized color scheme. These bubblers will stay in sync with the LED Pool Lights to create a brilliant lighting display that are sure to wow your family and guests.

The attached Spa is perfect for staying warm is frigid temperatures and is sure to provide a serene viewpoint of the gorgeous landscaping that wraps around the pool.

The Bellewood Drive job located in Dallas TX. This is another supporting image of the new pool construction designed by Summerhill Pools.

These square deck pads were constructed of poured concrete. These are tricky and require each pad to be spaced exactly parallel in order to create the proper look that we were going for.

Contact Us Today!

We have so much fun creating amazing backyards and know that we are living our life’s purpose. Because of this, we are so excited that you are here and invite you to contact us for a free design consultation. You will be amazed by our award winning service and professionalism throughout the entire design and construction process.

Get started today and see why many others are choosing Summerhill Pools for their complete Backyard Design & Construction needs!

Summerhill Pools Partners with Aqua Tots Swim Schools

Summerhill Pools Partners with Aqua Tots Swim Schools

Summerhill Pools Partners with Aqua Tots Swimming Schools

For the past several years, we have partnered with Aqua Tots Swimming Schools to construct some pretty amazing indoor swimming pools within the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. These pools are commercial indoor pools and have to be constructed within a pre-existing building. Complex and delicate doesn’t even begin to describe the difficulty of these jobs but Aqua Tots is pleased with our results and so are we!

Requirements for the Job

In order for us to provide this amazing service for Aqua Tots we first had to identify the crucial aspects of building a pool inside of an existing retail space. Our key points included:

  • New Pools must meet all ADA & SVRS compliance standards
  • Must fit within existing retail/office space
  • Working with relatively short time frames
  • Must be operable year-round
  • Water temperature kept between 88-90 degrees Fahrenheit


Summerhill Pools constructing a new Aqua Tots Swimming School. Plaster is being applied to the freshly constructed gunite shell.

Summerhill Pools constructing a new Aqua Tots Swimming School. Plaster is being applied to the freshly constructed gunite shell.

The Aqua Tots Mission

Founded in 1991 by Ron & Jane Sciarro in Scottsdale, Arizona, Aqua Tots Swimming Schools has one mission: to teach children and parents how to safely swim. Their indoor facilities allow for year-round lessons with comfortable water temperature of 88-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Safety is always their number one priority. They rigorously recruit, train and test their staff to ensure that all properly certified in CPR & AT-WSI (Aqua Tots Water Safety Instructors).

Since their inception, Aqua Tots has experienced incredible growth. Their utilize a simple business model focused on teaching children and their parents to swim safely. Drowning prevention is a huge focus for them and they emphasize same swimming practices and ways to identify drowning in order to save lives.

They operate as a Franchise with many locations throughout the country and 11 currently located in Dallas & Fort Worth. We have built several swimming pools for Aqua Tots to-date and it is a growing relationship that we are very proud of and blessed to have.

How Do You Build a Pool Indoors?

After identify the specifications for the job, we needed to layout and execute our strategy for making it happen. Like all commercial projects, there are always challenges. Each commercial pool that we build is unique in its own way and must be handled different.

The challenge for these projects are spacial by nature. Constructing an indoor swimming pool inside of an existing structure with relatively little space while operating heavy machinery is tricky to say the least.

Without diving into too much of the details, we successfully removed the doors and surrounding glass panels to the store front to allow for our Mini-Caterpillar Excavators to enter the job site. Once inside, space was tight but we resumed normal operations of excavating and removing the earth to create our pool shell.

Our Success Driven Business Model

Working with wonderful clients like Aqua-Tots requires extensive attention to detail and a plethora of communication throughout our entire construction network from start to finish. We take all of the pools that we build very seriously and always proud of our results.

We will be posting many more jobs and videos such as this one for you to see later on. If you have any questions or would like some more information on what Summerhill Pools can do for you, we invite you to contact us today for a free consultation on the next steps for your own personal pool or commercial property.

The Blackson Job – New Construction – Simple & Elegant

The Blackson Job – New Construction – Simple & Elegant

The Blackson Job

Welcome to The Blackson Job where we pair simplicity with elegance. This swimming pool is a wonderful example of how we can craft a beautiful swimming pool using a simplistic design with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. We credit our amazing superintendent, Dave Jetter, with the design and construction of this backyard. Incredibly, he constructed this space from start to finish in as little as 5 weeks!


Ivory Travertine Decking from QDI with SGM Plaster Splash Pad and Bubblers


The prerequisites for this job entailed:

  • Building a safe swimming pool secure from young children
  • Designing a shape to fit within this backyard without losing yard space for play
  • Creating an elegant area for relaxation and gathering with family and friends

There were lots of beautiful materials and great features selected for this pool and we love sharing this information with you. Now that we’ve covered the intro, let’s dive in!


Baby-Loc Safety Fencing wrapping around the pool by Loop-Loc

Safety Fencing

Making your backyard and home safe to your children is always the number one priority. To accomplish this task, we offer a premier safety fence line called Baby-Loc by Loop-Loc.

This brand of safety fencing meets all ASTM Safety Standards and comes available in 4’ or 5’ sections. They are also constructed of a mesh material that is difficult for young children to climb and won’t fade or tear over time.

The locks are self-closing and can be installed on any section of the fence. Designing this safety fence is easy and can fit any swimming pool shape. These fences are anchored into the deck and can also be removed at any time.


Three Bubblers located on splash pad next to sitting area and ivory pavers from qdi

Fitting it in the Backyard

This homeowner chose a conservative rectangular shape which fit perfectly in the corner of their backyard. Designing this shape retained over half of the backyard for the children and pets to play.

Using the rectangular shape we created a shallow end with a Splash Pad and Bubblers with a Deep End on the other side.


three bubblers located on splash pad in shallow end of the pool

Water Features & Splash Pad

In the shallow end we installed a Splash Pad with three bubblers for aesthetics. Splash Pads are typically 6” to 12” in depth and are excellent spaces for small children to safely swim and play. These areas also provide excellent space to escape from the summer heat in the summer heat while catching your summer tan.

Bubblers are an excellent add-on for any pool and come available with optional LED Technology for beautiful effects at night.


lawn chairs with summerhill pools logo next to splash pad in pool

Adding Elegant Touches

For the decking, we installed Ivory Travertine Pavers by QDI. Travertine is a natural stone mined in the quarries of Turkey. Natural stone really enhances the look of any backyard due to its natural variance in color and shading.

The plaster is the material that makes up the walls of your swimming pool and provides a water proofing barrier. It comes in a wide array of colors and textures. For this pool we selected River Rok Lucayan by SGM.

If you look closely at the images of this pool, you will notice a blue and navy Tile Line pattern along the water line. This is the Essence Royal 1”x2” tile offered by NPT.

Quick “Pool School:” Tile is a necessary part in every swimming pool. It provides a water proof barrier and protects the plaster from drying out from the natural air. Plaster is a delicate material and must be submerged to retain its color and texture. To sum it up tile serves two purposes: protecting the plaster and providing a beautiful design to your swimming pool.


overview of the swimming pool with the ivory travertine pavers by qdi splash pad and bubblers

Voila! A Beautiful Swimming Pool!

Building a beautiful pool is an art form and one that we have been mastering over the past 28 years.

At Summerhill Pools our top priority is building you a pool that will enhance the look and functionality of your backyard space. We believe that there is a movement taking place in today’s economy. People now want their backyards to be an extension of their homes and we are joining that movement with excitement!

If there was something that caught your eye or you know that building a pool is in your future, we invite you to contact us. We love designing these spaces with our customers and would love working with you to bring your backyard space to life! We also have some videos available for you to review to see how we design these spaces using some incredible technology!

Contact Us For a Free Estimate


Bellewood Drive – Creating a Unique Gathering Space

Bellewood Drive – Creating a Unique Gathering Space

Show Casing Simplicity

Bellewood Drive is a elegant pool design that illustrates the beauty of simplicity while optimizing this backyard to create a gathering space.

This outdoor space is typical of most Dallas homes. It’s based on a rectangle layout with approximately 30’x30′ of fence line. The home owner wanted to maximize the pool for recreational swimming but knew he had a limited space to work with. They also chose nice geometrical lines that provided unity to our design.

European Paver Design

To create a geometrical effect, we chose to lay 2’x2′ porcelain pavers. This creates an elegant and artistic deck that closely resembles a European design. To see more of what we mean, we invite you to view our Pinterest Paver & Deck Inspiration Page.

This creates a great seating area adjacent to the pool.

Working With Our Resources

By city compliance standards, every pool built must have a minimum of a three foot clearance along the edge of the fence line. Home owners often like to plant shrubs along this border to provide nice asthetics to their homes.

Building a Gathering Space

This client also wanted to create a nice gathering space by the backdoor. They chose a beautiful cedar pergola and purchased an outdoor kitchen with furniture. This creates a nice viewing area of the backyard for everyone to enjoy.

We love pergolas because of the asthetics they add to every backyard. For inspiration on possible layout options, check out our Pergolas Page on Pinterest.

Structuring The Pool

The pool itself is furnished with a conjoining spa. There is no height difference between the pool and spa. This creates a smooth finish and provides a natural flow of water between the two sections.

For recreational swimming, we built a deep end with a seated step along the far wall. The pool is lit with white LED Lighting for energy efficiency. For asthetic appearance, we placed three non-lit bubblers on the tanning ledge next to the spa.

Beauty Is In The Details

As you can see there is a lot of details interwoven into this design. That is why we ensure each of our clients is given the time and attention required to create the look and feel they want for their homes. Our focus on each and every design is to create a gathering space that is unique to you and your lifestyle.