Maple Ridge Drive – Dallas TX

Maple Ridge Drive – Dallas TX

Pool Studio – Maple Ridge Drive

Creating 3D Drawings in Pool Studio for swimming pools and backyards is a fun process! Collecting ideas and input from our customers is a large contributor to these gorgeous designs. Designing these renderings truly brings the backyard design to life. Utilizing these 3D Drawings streamlines communication and provides a great visual for our customers.

Oftentimes our customers love sharing these videos with their friends and family. It always boosts everyone’s excitement for this exciting project. At Summerhill Pools, our top priority is building a beautiful backyard space that fits your lifestyle. We invite you to contact us for a free estimate today!

Rectangle Pool with Porcelain Pavers

Many homes in Dallas, TX have smaller backyards. This often leads home owners to believe they cannot ever purchase a swimming pool. This is not the case. The Maple Ridge Drive is a perfect example of creating a beautiful outdoor space with limited square footage.

This is a rectangular pool design that utilizes the sophistication of 3’x3′ Porcelain Pavers. We laid these pavers in a French style layout. These pavers are amazing and do not require sealing. They will not fade or weather from the sun or other outside factors. It is easy to install these pavers on gravel, sand or grass (such as this pool).

To boost the aesthetics of this design, we installed:

  • Three 24″ sheer descent waterfalls
  • Two submerged LED Bubblers
  • An 18″ raised glass tile wall. 

These water features are controlled from an automated system and can be operated from any smart phone using the Screen Logic Bundle app. We really support the use of automation with your swimming pool. As always, we are also more than happy to answer any questions regarding this technology. Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like some more information on adding automation to your existing pool!

Pool Studio – Simple but Elegant

Simple & Elegant Design

We absolutely love this fun and interactive pool. Starting with the spa which is centrally placed, you are able to view the pool from a horizontal vantage point.

This view is complimented by some excellent landscaping and nice view of the open field next to this home.

Pool Features

To add some fun and creativity to this design, we added a raised diving pier. This pool has an approved residential depth deep end to provide a safety diving space.

Next to the spa is a relaxing 8″ deep splash pad with an anchored umbrella to protect you from the Texas heat.

Opposite of the spa is a 36″ raised waterfall that sets a calm and relaxing tone. 

For our deck, we selecting a beautiful ivory travertine (which is a natural stone imported from Turkey). 

Pool Studio – Washbash Circle TX

Rectangular Pool Shape & LED Lighting

This is a rectangular pool design with entry steps and a sun deck. The sun deck is located on the opposite end of the steps and is used for multiple functions. In this instance, the home owner wanted to add three LED Bubblers to the splash pad for accent features when the pool is not in use.

We invite you to view both the beginning and end of this video to see the changes in lighting from day time to night time.

We Design Custom Pools and Backyard Spaces Unique To You

We Design Custom Pools and Backyard Spaces Unique To You

Pools Designed to be Unique

At Summerhill Pools, we pride ourselves on designing breathtaking outdoor landscapes.  Our work is entirely custom that we guarantee no two are ever alike.

Each pool is individually tailored to every customer. Using only the best materials and craftsmanship on the market, we design unique spaces ensured to last for generations.


Careful Planning

Creating custom backyards is hard work. To maintian high quality control, we follow a rigid set of operating procedures. This gurantees that we keep you, the customer, at the center of every decision we make.

From design to execution, we focus entirely on combining asthetics with functionality to craft something unique and noteworthy.

As you can see from our galleries, our backyards range from simple to complex. Pulling it all together can be tough without the right tools. That’s where Pool Studio comes in.


Pool Studio: Selecting The Right Tool

In order to provide the best quality experience for our customers, we use the power of Pool Studio to build and share our designs quickly.  These models are flexible and fit any look and appearance that we want to create.

Satellite Imagery

Do you want us to get to work quickly? So we do. We can take snap shots of your backyard using satellite software to begin our design work. This tool is accurate down to a 3″ margin of error which means we can effectively create some unique plans before we ever set foot in your backyard.

YouTube Uploads

Once a design is ready to share, we upload our renderings to YouTube and share the channel with you. This is a great way to review and share it with friends and family to capture feedback and fuel the excitement.

Many of our customers work fulltime and love this feature due to the speed and flexiblity to work around their schedules.

Quickly Calculate Costs

This software is brilliant and aids us to calculate our costs quickly using accurate dimensions and topography.

From measuring the square footage of your pool deck to calculating the volume of water in the pool, we can estimate the cost of equipment and materials to complete the project. This ensures that your pool is priced in a timely fashion to get you on your way to creating your dream space.