Preparing for Pool Season in Texas

The correct preparation of an inground pool for the summer helps to ensure smooth operation and reduces potential health risks to swimmers. Those that own a pool must take the necessary steps to maintain a pool in good working order. During the long winter months, pool owners had to do little to maintain a pool. However, now that the sun is out and temperatures are rising, it is important to know the correct guidelines for preparing a pool for use.

Here are the steps that homeowners should follow to get a pool ready for the summer:

5 Steps for Getting Your Pool Ready for Summer in Texas

Pool owners may cause issues for themselves by not following the steps recommended below. Review this checklist to ensure your pool is ready for the swim season.

  1. Clean filter and inspect for any issues inside the filter.

  2. Check equipment for any visible leaks and check all necessary baskets and replace if needed.

  3. Clean out your heater of any leaves or debris from the winter months. Fire your heater up and check for proper operation.

  4. Have the water professionally tested. You can take a sample to a local pool supply store for a complete analysis of the water. This will tell you about your pool’s pH levels, alkalinity, mineral content, and more.

  5. It is then often necessary to add chemicals to the pool to address any imbalances.

What is the Proper Pool Chemical Balance?

  • Carbonate Alkalinity should be 80-120 ppm. If it’s too low, add an alkalinity increaser; if it’s too high, add Sodium Bisulfate. Sodium Bisulfate will also decrease your pH, which is important to keep in mind if your alkalinity or pH is correct but the other is too high.

  • pH should be 7.2- 7.6. Add Sodium Carbonate if it’s too low or Muriatic Acid if it’s too high.

  • Calcium hardness should be 200-400 ppm. You can use Calcium Chloride to raise the hardness, but if the hardness is too high, you’ll have to partially drain and then refill the pool.

  • Cyanuric acid should be 30-50 ppm

  • Total and Free Chlorine should be 1 to 3 ppm

  • Salt Level should be 2500-3500 ppm (Salt sanitation only)

  • TDS should be 300-1800 ppm (Non-Salt pools)

  • Always add a chemical to water, NEVER water to a chemical

Failure to maintain proper water chemistry in your pool can lead to deterioration, discoloration, and scaling; some of which is not correctable without costly repair.

Pool owners need to continue to maintain the pool during the months that it is not in use too and address any operational issues should they arise. You should balance the chemicals and clean out debris as necessary. Address any potential issues with construction or performance prior to letting swimmers into the pool.

Avoid These Mistakes When Opening Your Pool

There are many important aspects to consider when getting a pool ready for the summer. Small mistakes may make for expensive pool repairs, illness, or injury. Homeowners may want to keep in mind the following suggestions:

  1. Do not completely empty a pool of its water unless there is no other choice. A pool may lift out of the ground when there is a high water table and all water has been drained from the pool. It’s best to call a professional if it seems that completely draining the pool is the only option.

  2. Don’t forget about pool safety. Make sure that barriers and pool alarms are in working order. Reinforce swimming rules with young children and ensure that no child swims without adequate supervision. These measures may help homeowners prevent a tragic drowning.

  3. Do not add excessive amounts of chlorine to a pool. This may produce unwelcome reactions in swimmers. Avoid swimming in any pool that emits a strong smell of chlorine.

Owning and maintaining a pool is a responsibility that should be taken seriously by homeowners or pool operators. Your pool builder should provide you with resources and instructions on how to best maintain and operate your pool.

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