How Does an Infinity Pool Work

infinity pool over looking a lake

Since Gaius Maecenas of Rome first had the genius idea to heat a swimming pool, these human-made structures have been popular around the world. It wasn’t until the 1950s, however, that architect John Lautner (a former acolyte of the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright) introduced us to the ever-so-modern concept of the infinity pool. This magical element […]

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How to Style Up a Rectangle Pool

modern pool with red brick wall

Rectangle pools are the most common pool shapes because of their simplicity, functionality, and adaptability that allows them to suit any size or style of backyard. Some homeowners may find their classic appeal lackluster and want to enhance the character and style of their rectangular backyard pool. These ideas can help do exactly that.  Bask […]

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What to Know Before Breaking Ground for your Pool

A view from underwater in a pool with the words "What to Know Before Breaking Ground for your Pool"

There are plenty of things to decide before breaking ground for your pool. Before you even get close to moving a single pile of dirt, you need to decide on placement, style, materials, builders, and more. However, the work doesn’t stop after making those design choices. You may also need to consider local ordinances, utility […]

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Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool in North Texas

stone spa with water wall into a pool

Thinking about giving your backyard a major overhaul? If so, then one of the potential improvements you may want to consider is adding a swimming pool. While installing a swimming pool does require an up-front investment on your part, many DFW homeowners find that the benefits of owning a swimming pool far outweigh the initial […]

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Small Pools: Making the Most of a Small Backyard

before image of a small backyard pool

It is easy to dismiss building a pool for your home because you think your backyard is too small. However, a pool construction specialist can tell you that it isn’t about the size of your backyard but how you utilize that space. If you want to invest in a pool for your backyard but are […]

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Busting Common Swimming Pool Myths

commercial pool with tanning ledge

Have you ever heard the common warning that you need to wait an hour after you eat before you swim? How about that chlorine water will burn your eyes? There are a lot of myths about swimming pools that have been passed down over the years. Your trusted pool professionals at Summerhill Pools decided to […]

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Preparing for Pool Season in Texas

Picture of an Olympic sized pool from the perspective of someone under water, with the words "Preparing for Pool Season"

Summer is quickly approaching, which means that pool season is right around the corner! Wondering what steps you need to take to ensure that your pool is ready for summer? Here is a thorough guideline to help you achieve a successful and fun-filled season: Proper Pool Preparation Steps Clean Your Pool: It is important to […]

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Fourth of July Pool Party Ideas

A group of kids playing in the pool with the words, "Fourth of July pool party ideas."

Fourth of July pool parties are a great way to stay cool and celebrate the many freedoms we have in the United States. If you are planning on having family and friends over for a spectacular celebration, you are going to want to make sure you pull out all the stops. Patriotic food, fun games, […]

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How does an Infinity Pool Work?

infinity pool over looking a lake

Infinity pools are breathtaking additions to any backyard. Also called negative edge or zero edge pools, these pools create the illusion that the pool extends forever into the sky or a nearby body of water. If you want to know the secret behind this illusion, here is how an infinity pool works: The Water Meets the Pool’s […]

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Saltwater Pool vs Chlorine Pool

free form pool with rock ledges and spa

For many pool owners, a chlorine pool is going to be the best choice. Saltwater pools can be great for those whose skin is overly sensitive to chlorine. But for most, the up-front cost of installing a saltwater pool, combined with the increased maintenance cost of repairing and replacing various pool parts, can make these […]

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