When selecting a pool, there are many things to consider: size, shape, inground, or above ground. However, there are some options you may not even know about. One such option is a black bottom pool. In this blog post, Summerhill Pools will be taking a closer look at black bottom pools, including their positive and negative aspects and the potential dangers inherent in them.

Regardless of what type of pool you select, it is vital that you work with a reputable pool company for the best results.

What are Black Bottom Pools?

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Black bottom pools are inground pools that are lined with black or dark liners. The liner acts as an absorbent, taking in heat from the sun and heating the water. It also provides a sleek look that is stunning.

Summerhill Pools Pro Tip: Check With Your Local Building Codes

While black bottom pools are an amazing pool advancement, several cons need to be considered. In some areas, these cons, such as the inability to properly see depth, have resulted in these pools being banned. Always check with your state or local laws before building a black bottom pool. If you have any additional questions, our pool-building experts can help!

What Materials Are Used For a Black Bottom Pool?

The material used in black bottom pools will often be fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete. The materials have different costs, appearances, and other traits to consider.

Concrete: Concrete pools do not give you the darkest hue.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass provides a very dark black tone.

Vinyl: A vinyl pool liner does not last as long as other types of pool liners. Exposure to chlorine can cause them to lighten quicker than expected.

Pros of a Black Bottom Pool

Black pools have several benefits over traditional pool bottoms:

  • Naturally warms the water
  • Less need for a pool heater which can save you money
  • Often more resistant to algae growth
  • Potential for a longer swimming season
  • Unique look

Cons of a Black Bottom Pool

There are several negative aspects of dark bottom pools that you should be mindful of when selecting your pool bottom. These can range from inconveniences to dangers.

  • Increased cost over other types of pools
  • Depending on the material used, the dark bottom can fade over time
  • It can be harder to see dirt while cleaning
  • In certain climates, the pool can get too hot. In Texas, it is recommended that black bottom pools be used for pools located in shaded areas.
  • Potentially illegal in certain states or counties
  • It can be harder to spot black algae
  • Additional chemicals may be needed to maintain the water balance due to the increase in heat
  • Potential home buyers could perceive a black bottom pool negatively
  • Pool blemishes could be seen more easily

Is a Black Bottom Pool Dangerous?

While all pools have a degree of danger, black bottom pools do carry additional risks. It can be harder to see swimmers when they are underwater. In addition, dangerous objects or even wildlife can find their way into the pool without being spotted, such as alligators or snakes. 

Another significant danger of a black bottom pool is that since the bottom is obscured, it may be hard to judge the depth of the pool. This may lead to someone diving into shallow water and colliding with the bottom of the pool. In addition, children could wander into the deep end of the pool without realizing it, increasing their risk of drowning if they are not strong swimmers. Because of this, black bottom pools are not a good choice for households with smaller children and pets. It is worth reiterating that children and pets should always be supervised when swimming or hanging out around the pool.

When considering a dark bottom pool, it is important to be aware of its potential risks.

What Can You Do About The Dangers of A Black Bottom Pool?

While there is no way to eliminate the risks of a black bottom pool, you can take steps to alleviate the danger. The following are several steps you can take:

Always Supervise Swimmers – Especially with smaller children and pets, swimming supervision is a great way to ensure that all swimmers are being safe. If there is an issue, whoever is supervising, whether a parent or another adult, can jump into action and help reduce the risk of a disaster. While it can be more difficult to see swimmers underwater, having pool lights along with lighter-colored bathing suits can help improve visibility. 

Label Pool Depth and Inform Swimmers of Safety Tips – By adding markers like a public pool has to indicate water depth, no diving, and pool rules, you can remind guests of important safety information such as water level. Also, it’s a good idea to inform swimmers, especially ones new to your pool, of potential hazards and safety tips.

Add Pool Lights – Lights inside of the pool can help you watch underwater swimmers, and can help swimmers see the bottom of the pool better.

Clean Regularly – Although pools should be cleaned regularly regardless, it is especially important with black bottom pools as dangerous objects and even animals can go undetected.

Pool Construction

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Pools can be very rewarding and enjoyable. However, they are also a lot of work. Between planning, construction, and maintenance, there is a lot that goes into it. If you’re in the Dallas, Texas, area, Summerhill Pools can design a gorgeous and unique pool for you—black bottom or traditional. 

Utilizing Pool Studio software, we can create a virtual 3D model of your pool before construction begins. This realistic digital mock-up will allow you to view your pool from different angles and at different times of the day and night.

Founded in 1989, we’ve made the dream of pool ownership a reality for many satisfied customers. When you work with Summerhill Pools, you’ll see why so many homeowners have entrusted their pools to us. Many of our clients have given us five-star reviews, and rave about our excellent customer service. We can help you find the best pool for your home. Aside from design and construction, we also offer renovation and maintenance services to keep your pool working great.

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