Swimming Pool Upgrades for Next Pool Season in Dallas

Too often, you’ll finally get around to getting that pool upgrade you’ve been dreaming about when it warms up, and by the time it’s actually ready to use, the warm season has already passed. If you get started on them now, though, they’ll be ready for you to enjoy all summer long next year and […]

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Caring for Your Pool’s Circulation Health

water wall going into pool

You’ve probably heard all about how maintaining the circulation in your body is important. After all, circulation is how every area of your body gets the water, nutrients, and oxygen it needs.  However, you might be surprised to know that just as maintaining good circulation is essential for your health, maintaining good circulation is also […]

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Best Ways to Keep Your Pool Cool

apartment complex pool with tile waterfall

The 6 Best Ways to Keep Your Swimming Pool Cold There’s nothing quite like diving into a refreshingly cool pool on a hot day. However, sometimes the intense Texas heat manages to make your pool feel more like a lukewarm bathtub than a rejuvenating oasis. After all the time, effort, and money you’ve put into […]

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Pool Deck: Pouring Concrete – The Collins Job

A worker smooths a recently poured concrete deck with a house and some other workers in the background

To our passionate builders, every element of a pool build is exciting. At Summerhill Pools, we don’t just design pools – we design the perfect retreat right in your backyard. Want a gorgeous pool complemented by an eye-catching deck in your outdoor living space? We have the right materials and designs to fit any vision […]

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Signs that your Pool Needs to be Resurfaced

Image of a pool early in the construction process

When you jump into your pool, you expect it to be clean and refreshing. However, if your pool was installed ten or more years ago, you may notice some stains taking over your pool’s walls or flooring or even some discoloration in your pool’s water. If you are practicing routine maintenance on your pool but […]

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Which Is Better for Dallas Pool Decks – Concrete or Pavers?

small freeform pool

Quick Links: There are 10.4 million pools in the United States, many in North Texas, due to our long and hot summers. For every pool, someone had to make the difficult decision between pool concrete or pavers. If you’re facing the same tough choice, you’re not alone – but you’re also not without help. We’re here to […]

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Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool in North Texas

stone spa with water wall into a pool

Thinking about giving your backyard a major overhaul? If so, then one of the potential improvements you may want to consider is adding a swimming pool. While installing a swimming pool does require an up-front investment on your part, many DFW homeowners find that the benefits of owning a swimming pool far outweigh the initial […]

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Small Pools: Making the Most of a Small Backyard

before image of a small backyard pool

It is easy to dismiss building a pool for your home because you think your backyard is too small. However, a pool construction specialist can tell you that it isn’t about the size of your backyard but how you utilize that space. If you want to invest in a pool for your backyard but are […]

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Freeform Pool Idea – The Leichtle Job

A freeform pool with an umbrella table and a custom pool deck

At Summerhill Pools, we take pride in each design and build we construct. For us, a pool is the ultimate escape and a place of peace, a little slice of custom-built paradise that lets all of your cares float away. To illustrate the caliber of our work, we have created a showcase for one of […]

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Things You Need to Know About Pool Remodeling

freeform pool with rock waterfall

Thinking about renovating your pool? If so, then there are some things you should know before you get started with this major project. At Summerhill Pools, we have the experience, resources, and expertise needed to make your pool remodeling project a successful and cost-effective one. Likewise, our knowledgeable team has some tips and information to […]

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