scupper water feature

What Are the Most Popular Pool Water Features?

Many people know that they can personalize their pool’s shape, materials, and even color but neglect to consider the impact water features can have. Water features can make your pool stand out and add something truly amazing to your personal oasis. Read on to find out what water feature options you have to take your […]

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Adding Elegant Touches

Backyard Pool with Splashpad

Backyard Pool With Splash Pad For Family Fun! We are looking back at some of our older jobs to show our clients the amazing potential every backyard has to house their dream pool! For this month’s pool throwback, we are looking at the Blackson Job, where our expert team helped design and construct this simplistic […]

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Rain water hitting a pool with the words, "how rain water affects your pool"

Protecting Your Pool From Rain Water

Swimming in your own pool has many advantages, but one, in particular, is the fact that you know exactly what is in it. But that can change quickly when the rain comes. There’s no need to treat your pool like it’s suddenly become a marsh, however; with the information below, you can feel confident that […]

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Picture of an Olympic sized pool from the perspective of someone under water, with the words "Preparing for Pool Season"

Preparing for Pool Season in Texas

Summer is quickly approaching, which means that pool season is right around the corner! Wondering what steps you need to take to ensure that your pool is ready for summer? Here is a thorough guideline to help you achieve a successful and fun-filled season: Proper Pool Preparation Steps Clean Your Pool: It is important to […]

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A gorgeous shot of a pool with the words, removing pollen from your pool.

How to Remove Pollen From a Pool

If you find yourself sneezing and your eyes feel itchy, your body has probably realized that pollen is the heaviest in Northern Texas between the months of March and May. Specifically, the highest counts are from tree pollen and grass pollen. You might think this pollen in the air wouldn’t affect your refreshing morning swim, […]

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Closeup of the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Update For Customers: COVID-19

The safety of our employees, our customers, and our communities remains at the top of our operating priorities. As you know, this is a very fluid situation and we understand that business decisions must be based on each unique situation and information from local jurisdictions. However, at this time, the continued operations of our pool […]

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A crystal clear swimming pool with the words, what is pool automation?

What Is Pool Automation?

Advancements in technology have improved our lives. From garage door remote controls to voice-activated televisions and phone-controlled activated security cameras and light switches, the world of possibilities has opened up for convenience. Your swimming pool maintenance equipment can also be automated. This month, we are diving into pool automation so you can decide if it’s […]

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free form pool with rock ledges and spa

How Do I Test My Pool Water Chemistry?

Many of us had dreams of having our own backyard pool to lounge in during the sweltering heat of summer during our childhood. If you’ve managed to make that dream a reality, you’ve probably also realized that that childhood daydream neglected to account for all the upkeep a personal pool requires. There’s no need to […]

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A beautiful pool with the words, how to clean a cartridge pool filter.

How to Clean a Cartridge Pool Filter

Whether you’ve recently installed a new pool or you’re planning on a future one, there are important maintenance tips you need to know. Proper maintenance ensures that your pool is clean, the water is safe to swim in, and that your pool’s structure and equipment are working properly. New pool owners may be unsure of […]

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scupper and sconces on water wall

Pool Gift Ideas

Around the DFW area and the United States, pools are a popular hang out in the hot summer months. Pool owners take a lot of pride in their swimming pool, as it adds a beautiful spot for family and friends to get together and build memories. If one of your friends or family members own […]

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