A blueprint of the steps and handrail for a pool

Laying the Shotcrete Pool Shell – The Texican

It’s time to pour the shotcrete shell for the Las Colinas Texican Hotel’s pool. Shotcrete is a key ingredient in every new Summerhill Pool swimming pool because it is the best material for forming pool shells. If you’re curious about what goes into creating a pool shell, read on to learn more. Steps to Take before […]

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A freeform pool with an umbrella table and a custom pool deck

Freeform Pool Idea – The Leichtle Job

Here at Summerhill Pools, we take pride in each pool that we design and construct. If you’re looking to have a new swimming pool constructed on your property, we hope that some of our favorite pool projects will provide you with inspiration. Below, we’ve included photos of our recent Leichtle home pool, along with a […]

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Two construction workers lay geofoam at the base of a pool

Geofoam: A Lightweight Pool Fill – The Texican

Constructing a pool that is beautiful and will be able to last for many years to come without needing repairs consists of several steps. The first two stages of our pool project for the Texican hotel in Irving, TX, were focused on soil stabilization using chemical injection and creating a firm foundation for the pool by pouring […]

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8 workers are shown pouring the concrete base of a pool under the steel rebar

The Texican – Pouring Base & Laying Steel Rebar

Another great project is well underway as we continue our work on the Texican swimming pool in Irving, Texas. The chemical injection is finished, the soil is stabilized, and we’re moving forward precisely according to our engineering plans.  This custom swimming pool is going to be an 18′ circle with a depth of 6′ 6″ […]

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A view from underwater in a pool with the words "What to Know Before Breaking Ground for your Pool"

What to Know Before Breaking Ground for your Pool

Having an in-ground pool is a great way to kick back and enjoy the warmer months of the year. Should you decide to go with a heated pool, you can enjoy it for even longer. However, before you call a contractor to begin work on your pool, there are a handful of things you need to know. […]

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Excavating The Earth with a Large CAT 336 F L Straight Boom

Excavating The Earth with a Large CAT 336 F L Straight Boom!

Excavating The Earth – The Collins Job First Things First Ah, what more could a pool builder want than mounds and mounds of dirt to play with? Nothing! In fact, the excavation is the very first step in every new construction project. It’s also one of the most important stages.  It makes sense, really. Remove […]

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Earthlok specializes in the injection of Ionic Clay Soil Stabilizers. These chemicals are environmentally safe & work to stabilize these expansive clay soils. It

Soil Stabilization for Commercial Pool Build

DFW & Las Colinas Commercial Pool Contractors At Summerhill Pools, we specialize in both residential & commercial pool construction. Since our early years, Mark McCaffrey has spent ample time in the Commercial construction world. Operating in the commercial pool industry is difficult because of the following conditions: Long sales cycle: it can take 1-2 years […]

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inground pool construction in dallas tx

Advanced Pool Construction Techniques

  Khaldoun Job Part #2: Advanced Construction Techniques in Las Colinas Change of Plans If you’ve read our image description (above) you have noticed we had to change our plans. Sometimes, when you’re in the pool construction industry, there are existing conditions that you aren’t made aware of until your already building. In the case […]

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Picture of an Olympic sized pool from the perspective of someone under water, with the words "Preparing for Pool Season"

Preparing for Pool Season in Texas

The correct preparation of an inground pool for the summer helps to ensure smooth operation and reduces potential health risks to swimmers. Those that own a pool must take the necessary steps to maintain a pool in good working order. During the long winter months, pool owners had to do little to maintain a pool. […]

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A raised overflowing spa, deck jets and tanning ledge bubblers. Water Features are fun accents that add to any pool design. By adding pool automation, you can control these effects from a handheld remote or smart phone device. The swimming pool industry is adding new features like these all the time and we are at the forefront of leading innovations.

Swimming Pool Automation

Zodiac Automation Equipment – iAqualink 2.0 Staying Current in the 21st Century What is a better way to stay connected in our world other than the palm of your hand? In today’s era, that is the only way. Everyone is moving towards mobile controls. At Summerhill Pools, we are leading the charge with our state-of-the-art […]

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