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The Allure of Roman Pools

In the 6th to 8th Century BC, ancient Greeks created “Palestras, “ an open court between columns and rooms that housed different areas for the Greeks to exercise. This includes wrestling boxes and pools for swimming. These social areas were the first time that a pool was not strictly used for bathing in the ancient world. At this point in history, Greeks and Romans found themselves surrounded by wealth and luxury, allowing them to push the boundaries for what was possible. 

For example, in 305 AD, the Romans built an incredible swimming pool that was over 900,000 square feet. The pool was used primarily for bathing and was heated by faint fires underneath the pool floor. The columns and walls pumped heat up to the pool above, allowing those who were inside to be surrounded by pure luxury.

While many homeowners don’t have the space in their backyard to create a 900,000-square-foot swimming pool, pools are still considered ornate pieces that significantly boost a home’s value. With so many different types of pools to choose from, homeowners can design their dream oasis into whatever style best matches their home. From a more natural feel to more modern aesthetics, there is something for every homeowner. If you are looking for a pool that boasts elegance and sophistication, you will want to look at the pools inspired by the beauty of a Roman Pool. These pools are inspired by the architecture and clean lines used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. These pools are breathtaking to behold. 

Summerhill Pools is Dallas’s premier pool builder and we know what it takes to create a stunning Roman pool that blends beautifully the sophistication of the ancient world with the luxuriousness of today’s modern technology. Here is more information on our Roman pool construction services:

Types of Roman Pools for Every Preference

Roman pools are heavily influenced by the villas of ancient Rome. They often feature two long straight edges that are flanked by arched half-circles on either end. These timeless shapes create a sense of chic elegance that works for many homeowners, regardless of whether they want to boast luxury or create a sense of minimalism.

Roman pools often have grand entrances that allow them to deviate from a classical rectangular pool. Swim-up seating, slip-resistant steps, and multiple entry points are common features of these gorgeous pools. Unlike other pool types that have gradual pool steps that lead in, the arched-half-circles house the pool steps, which creates a shallow area for swimmers to easily enter and exit the pool without taking away from the overall design.

There are two different types of Roman Pools:

The Roman Inground Pool: The traditional Roman inground pool is known for its rectangular base that flows into the semi-circle ends known as the “Roman Pool Entry.” The traditional Roman inground pool is characterized by its use of straight lines, and elegant coloring in the tile and pool deck, and can be elevated with gorgeous poolside and pool lighting. Typically, a Roman pool will also feature a rectangular basin, which is a simple yet elegant design that many pool owners love. They can be created to fit any size backyard, as the pool can be customized to only include one half-circle entrance. This form of the Roman pool is known as the “half roman.” 

The Grecian Inground Pools: If you are looking for something a little bit different, a Grecian inground pool might be the choice for you. The rectangular basin features cut corners to create a striking appearance and call back to classic Greek architecture. It makes the perfect centerpiece for any outdoor living area. These pools often boast classy walk-in steps, captivating coloring for the pool tiles, such as rich blues, and can even include statues on the sides or columns to create the perfect atmosphere of Greek elegance.

A Symphony of Elements: Roman Pool Design and Features

Water feature with blue tile.

Roman pools and Grecian pools boast elegance in the pool design itself. However, these pools can also be outfitted with pool features that capture the eye and boost the sense of luxury. Here are some of the pool features that our team thinks fit perfectly with the Roman pool design:

Underwater Seating and Swim-up Bar 

Many homeowners use their pool as a place to relax, and thankfully, the Roman and Grecian inground pools are built for luxury. Having underwater seating and a swim-up bar allows you and your guests to have the perfect place to have a drink and a nice conversation while staying cool. The swim-up bar can be incorporated into one side of the Roman Pool, to leave plenty of room on the other side for swimming. The seating can either be gorgeous columns underneath the water or even a square stool to give plenty of space while matching the customary straight lines of Roman and Greek architecture. 

Built-in Pool Spa 

Regardless of whether you go with the Roman Pool or the Grecian inground pool, a built-in spa will add an extra layer of beauty and comfort to your pool. Whether it is a raised spa on the side with a spill-over to spread some of the warmth of your spa or one that is seamlessly incorporated into either side of the pool, there is an option for every type of design. Spas create the perfect end of your swim resting point, allowing you and your guests to rest tired muscles and end your swim on a high note. Not to mention, it is perfect for parents who want to have space to themselves while their children swim on the larger side of the pool.

Raised Wall With Sconces

A raised wall can be a stunning display piece for your pool. Whether you use colorful tiles to create a custom piece of art or you are simply looking to add some dynamics to the visual appeal, a raised wall is a gorgeous addition. Adding in scuppers only elevates the appeal, as the scuppers can either be a simple design that allows the water to run down or can be created to resemble more Greek/Roman architecture such as a lion’s or horse head. 

The sound of the running water creates a sense of peace in your pool. Not to mention, it aids in the circulation of your pool’s water, helping the temperature to remain more stable and reducing the amount of heat it absorbs from the sun.

Pool Statuary

Roman pools, as mentioned earlier, take a lot of influence from the traditional ancient Greek and Roman architecture. In ancient times, statues were used to memorialize heroes of the age. These marble statues are commonplace in the Roman villas. A pool statue, such as a marble lion or a bust of a person, will not only elevate your pool but transport it back in time to when luxury was a way of life. 

Fire and Water Bowls

Another showstopping element for your Roman or Grecian pool is a fire and water bowl. This incredible water feature is sure to create a sense of dramatic flair for your pool as fire is combined with the soothing flow of water. These features can be installed at the edge of your pool or on top of a marble pillar. The latter option will give a stronger Roman vibe to your pool, and help draw in the eye.

Designing Your Roman Pool With Summerhill Pools

swim up bar with black tile in pool

When choosing the look of your Roman pool, you can rest assured that Summerhill Pools will be right there along with you. We take the time to sit down with all of our clients and get a clear understanding of exactly what it is that you are looking for in your outdoor oasis. 

All of our pool designs start with the initial consultation and then move on to the design stage. Once we have the proposed design completed, we will bring you in for a visual presentation of your new pool that is rendered using our 3D pool design software. We can always make changes if there is anything that you want to add or want to take away from your pool design. Once the design is finalized, we then have you sign the contract and we get to work getting the permit applications sent in and approved. Once that happens, you let us pick the finishes for your pool and then we get to the construction process. 

Choosing Excellence: Why Summerhill Pools is Your Dallas Pool Contractor

Since our founding in 1989, Summerhill Pools has set itself apart as one of the premier pool builders in the Dallas area. Our team is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an impressive A+ rating. All of our clients boast about the beauty of their pool and how well it fits into their home’s design and elevates the look of their outdoor living space. Our customers know that they can trust our craftsmanship as we use only the highest quality materials in the trade. 

When it comes to customer service, we keep the lines of communication open so that we can answer your questions whenever you have them and ensure that you always know what is going on with your new pool build or renovation. Contact our team today for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment with our design to create your dream Roman pool.

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