Elegant Pool Design in Dallas Bellewood Drive

Elegant Pool Design in Dallas 

Bellewood Drive is an elegant pool design that illustrates the beauty of simplicity while optimizing this backyard to create a gathering space.

This outdoor space is typical of most Dallas homes. It’s based on a rectangle layout with approximately 30’x30′ of the fence line. The homeowner wanted to maximize the pool for recreational swimming but knew he had a limited space to work with. They also chose nice geometrical lines that provided unity to our design.

European Paver Design Pool Deck

To create a geometrical effect, we chose to lay 2’x2′ porcelain pavers. This creates an elegant and artistic deck that closely resembles a European design. To see more of what we mean, we invite you to view our Pinterest Paver & Deck Inspiration Page.

This creates a great seating area adjacent to the pool.

Working With Our Resources

By city compliance standards, every pool built must have a minimum of a three-foot clearance along the edge of the fence line. Homeowners often like to plant shrubs along this border to provide nice aesthetics to their homes.

Building a Gathering Space

This client also wanted to create a nice gathering space by the back door. They chose a beautiful cedar pergola and purchased an outdoor kitchen with furniture. This creates a nice viewing area of the backyard for everyone to enjoy.

We love pergolas because of the aesthetics they add to every backyard. For inspiration on possible layout options, check out our Pergolas Page on Pinterest.

Structuring The Pool

The pool itself is furnished with a conjoining spa. There is no height difference between the pool and spa. This creates a smooth finish and provides a natural flow of water between the two sections.

For recreational swimming, we built a deep end with a seated step along the far wall. The pool is lit with white LED Lighting for energy efficiency. For aesthetic appearance, we placed three non-lit bubblers on the tanning ledge next to the spa.

Beauty Is In The Details

As you can see there is a lot of details interwoven into this design. That is why we ensure each of our clients is given the time and attention required to create the look and feel they want for their homes. Our focus on each and every design is to create a gathering space that is unique to you and your lifestyle.