Backyard Pool With Splash Pad For Family Fun!

Adding Elegant TouchesWe are looking back at some of our older jobs to show our clients the amazing potential every backyard has to house their dream pool! For this month’s pool throwback, we are looking at the Blackson Job, where our expert team helped design and construct this simplistic yet elegant pool. This pool was constructed in an incredible time frame of five weeks!

What Was the Homeowner Looking For?

When Summerhill Pools first took this job, the homeowner had three needs they wanted to be met:

  • A safe swimming pool, secure from young children
  • A design that allowed the shape of the pool to fit into the backyard, without sacrificing space for the children to play
  • To create an elegant area that was perfect for relaxation and gathering family and friends

Bringing Safety to the Forefront

The one thing the Blackson Family wanted was a safe space for their children to play in the backyard, without the worry of them wandering into the pool unsupervised. Our design team knew that safety was a top priority, which is why they went with the premier safety fence line called Baby-Loc by Loop-Loc.

Baby-Loc Fencing by Loop-Loc

A Beautiful Swimming Pool!This brand of safety fencing met all the ASTM Safety Standards and comes available in 4’ and 5’ sections, making it the perfect choice for this homeowner. They are made of a mesh material, making it harder for children to climb. Other benefits of the mesh include that it is fade-resistant and hardy enough to resist tearing.

Another important safety feature to highlight is the locks self-close and can be installed on any section of the fence. This safety fence can easily fit any shape or size pool and is anchored into the deck, making them hardy but also easy to detach and remove.

Matching the Pool Shape to the Backyard

The homeowner wanted to use the simplistic beauty of the traditional, rectangular-shaped pool. We placed the pool into the corner of the backyard, allowing more space at the front of the house for the children to play. The rectangular shape allowed our team to add in a few features that would ensure the children’s safety in the pool (under the supervision of an adult), and some fun water features for the adults, as well.

Water Features & Splash Pad

In the shallow end of the pool, we installed a Splash Pad with three bubblers for aesthetics and the children’s delight.

What Is a Splash Pad?

Splash Pads are shallow areas of the pool designed specifically to give children and inexperienced swimmers a safe place to swim and play. These pads are usually 6” to 12” in depth, and create the perfect place to escape the Texas heat. Adults can also use them, as they are perfect for catching a summer tan while staying cool.

Adding the Bubblers onto this splash pad for the Blackson Family, created a unique way for the children to experience the water, while also creating a visually stunning effect. Bubblers come with an optional LED technology, adding to the breathtaking display.

Creating an Elegant Gathering Space

The Blackson Job – New Construction – Simple & ElegantThe last thing the Blackson Family wanted to accomplish with their pool was the perfect place to gather with family and friends. For this, we broke down our choices with unique, but simplistic, elements:

For the decking, we installed Ivory Travertine Pavers by QDI. Travertine is a natural stone mined in the quarries of Turkey. Thanks to its color and shading, the natural stone enhanced the look of the backyard, while allowing it to blend seamlessly.

The plaster, which is a waterproof barrier used to make up the walls of the pool, comes in a wide array of colors and textures. But for this pool, we used the River Rok Lucayan by SGM.

We also lined the pool with a gorgeous blue and navy tile line pattern along the waterline to add an extra visual layer. This is the Essence Royal 1”X2” tile offered by NPT.

Viola! A Beautiful Swimming Pool!

Building a beautiful pool is an art form that Summerhill Pools has been mastering for many years.

Our team’s top priority is building a pool that not only meets your needs, but enhances the look and functionality of your backyard. If you want to join in the movement that is sweeping the nation by creating a backyard that is an extension of your home, then contact our expert design team today! We would love to work with you to bring your backyard space back to life!