7 Signs that it’s Time to Update your Pool

Shotcrete Phase of a New Pool Build

Have you stopped enjoying your pool? Maybe it has obvious signs that it needs some repairs, such as broken tiles or a cracked pool shell. But what if your pool is swimmable and you still don’t feel like taking a dip? Or you see the obvious signs of wear and tear, but you just don’t feel that your pool is worth fixing because it runs inefficiently? These are symptoms of an outdated pool.

So are you really too busy to go swimming, or is that just an excuse? If you look a little closer at your pool, you can easily figure it out. Here are 7 signs that it’s time to update your pool:

1. Not Enough Pool Lighting

Even in the summer, there are a limited number of hours between when you get home from work and when it gets dark. If your pool and pool area are too dark, then once you see the sun edging its way towards the horizon, you may decide that you don’t have enough time to go for a swim.

Most pools nowadays are built with a pool light or two, but this still may not be enough. After all, if you can’t see the pool edge or easily find the path back to the house, you may decide that it’s not safe enough for a swim.

Fortunately, this is something you don’t have to live with. Adding some pool lighting to your pool area and deck will allow you to use your pool for longer.

2. Inefficient Lighting

Perhaps you have lights in and even around your pool, but you decide that running them increases your electricity bill too much. This means that you have high-voltage incandescent bulbs in your light fixtures instead of LEDs. LED bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, so you’ll save a significant amount of money by updating your pool lights.

3. Costly Heater Use

Another potential cause of your pool’s large effect on your energy bill is an outdated heater. If you have a heated pool or hot tub that was installed 10 or more years ago, you likely have an old heater. Today’s pool heaters run a lot more efficiently than they used to.

4. Outdated Equipment

Maybe you’re frustrated with having to go to the equipment to turn on pool lights, heater, water features, etc; then it is time to update to automation.  We can install automation so that you can control all the equipment from your cell phone, from anywhere. When are on your way home from dinner, set the heater and when you get home it is ready to go!

5. No “Wow” Factor

Maybe your pool is just “blah.” Perhaps your friends have a beautiful pool paradise that you feel is more inviting than your bland cylinder of water, so you like to swim in their pool instead.

You can easily make your pool the envy of your friends. Add beautiful water features such as waterfalls or fountains. Install a swim-up bar and a hot tub. Go the extra mile with a rock slide and some palm trees, and you’ve got an oasis in your own backyard. Now you can be the one hosting the awesome pool parties.

6. Inefficient Water Filtration

Does your water just not seem clean enough to swim in? It’s likely time for new equipment. Nowadays, there are energy-efficient pumps and better quality water filters that can do a superior job keeping your pool free of debris and algae.  Maybe it is time to find that air leak you have been ignoring for a while. You might need to re-plumb some of the equipment or replace old valves. There are also many options for sanitizing the pool. There are even automatic salt generators, inline chlorinators or mineral feeders that can release chlorine into the pool periodically to help you keep the chlorine levels balanced.

7. Faded or Outdated Deck

To really make your pool catch the eye and draw you in, you need a beautiful deck. A bland, faded, or outdated pool deck will make you bored before your eye can even travel to the pool itself.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to your pool deck. Add some beautiful plants or lighting for a simple fix, or you can remove and replace the concrete with pavers. There’s absolutely no reason why your pool deck needs to be boring.

After reviewing these signs of an outdated pool, have you decided that it’s time for a remodel? Summerhill Pools can help. They have years of experience with taking boring and inefficient pools and making them backyard paradises.

If you do have a water feature, there are water filters that can connect with the water feature, effectively combining filtration and circulation to keep the water incredibly clear.