Image of a pool early in the construction process

When you jump into your pool, you expect it to be clean and refreshing. However, if your pool was installed ten or more years ago, you may notice some stains taking over your pool’s walls or flooring or even some discoloration in your pool’s water.

If you are practicing routine maintenance on your pool but still have problems with these stains, you may want to consider getting your pool resurfaced. Sometimes routine pool maintenance only cleans the surface but not the issues affecting the plaster of your pool.

Your dedicated team at Summerhill Pools wants to ensure that your pool is in its best condition, which is why we offer pool resurfacing services for our customers in the DFW area. If you are wondering whether or not your pool needs to be resurfaced, keep a lookout for these signs.

1. The Pool Plaster Is Flaking or Peeling

Is the plaster of your pool flaking or peeling? This is also known as spalling and occurs when the pH level or calcium levels of your pool are too low. With too low pH, the pool water becomes acidic, which dissolves the soluble calcium compound, known as calcium hydroxide, in your pool’s plaster.

2. Your Pool Has Surface Stains

Surface stains can detract from the natural beauty of your pool and threaten its structural integrity. These stains are caused by copper, calcium, and salt deposits on your pool’s walls and flooring. While the most noticeable effect is the discoloration on the pool walls and flooring, it can also discolor the water, turning it blueish-gray and making it look cloudy. 

A small amount of pool stains can be cleaned off with an acid wash. However, this type of pool maintenance should only be handled by a professional, as it can damage the plaster of your pool if not handled carefully.

Larger stains should only be taken care of with a replaster/resurface service, as this will give pool professionals a chance to ensure that the stains are not covering larger problems, such as cracks. 

3. Rust Stains

Rust stains are caused by the tie wire or the rebar in your pool’s shell oxidizing. There are a few ways to handle this issue. One way is to cut out and patch the floor or wall of the pool that has the stain. However, many pool owners do not like this idea because of the noticeable patch in the pool.

A pool resurfacing service will help remove the stain and create a more unified look in your pool. This helps preserve not only the visual aesthetics, but also helps support the value of your pool, which is important if you are looking to sell your home soon. 

4. Roughness

after image of a small pool in a backyard

Over time, pool chemicals can eat away at your pool’s surface and cause a rough calcium deposit. While this problem isn’t necessarily damaging for your pool itself, it can be uncomfortable to swim in and lead to minor injuries of your swimmers. These injuries can include scratches to your feet or hands. Another issue is that it can snag on bathing suits and damage the material. 

5. Cracks In the Pool’s Surface

At the end of the day, the most important reason to resurface your pool is to protect your pool from structural damage. Large cracks or spider web cracks occur due to the natural process of the cement hydrating. These cracks become noticeable over time, especially when you have drained the pool and left it exposed to the sun. Cracks can also occur due to extreme temperature changes as the cement expands and contracts.

These cracks not only harm the visual appearance of your pool but also makes it more susceptible to developing algae as the organism hides in the cracks and spreads. Also, if left untreated, these cracks can eventually lead to a pool leak, which is a serious issue that can drastically raise your home’s water bills. These cracks can be remedied with a pool resurface and protect your pool from further damage.

Need Your Pool Resurfaced? 

Summerhill Pools offers unparalleled pool resurfacing services for the residential and commercial customers of DFW. We also offer pool maintenance and renovation services to help keep your pool looking its very best! Contact our team today for more information on our pool services or to schedule an appointment!

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