How to Maintain My Pool Between Cleanings

young adult man, personnel cleaning the pool from leaves

Your pool is a source of endless enjoyment with the beautiful Texas weather, but it can also be a lot of work to keep it in good condition. To keep it clean and functional, you’ll need to skim it daily and check chemical levels regularly, among other things.  Pool maintenance isn’t just about keeping your […]

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Maintenance Checklist for First Time Pool Owners

Pool with raised spa

So, you’re looking to put in a pool! Or, perhaps you have purchased a home that is already equipped with a pool. Either way, this is an exciting time for any homeowner! At Summerhill Pools, we want to make sure you have everything you need to successfully maintain the integrity of your pool—so you can […]

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Caring for Your Pool’s Circulation Health

water wall going into pool

You’ve probably heard all about how maintaining the circulation in your body is important. After all, circulation is how every area of your body gets the water, nutrients, and oxygen it needs.  However, you might be surprised to know that just as maintaining good circulation is essential for your health, maintaining good circulation is also […]

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How Different Types of Weather Affects Your Pool

rectangle backyard pool with huge glass tile spa

Your pool provides your family a little paradise to escape to for some much-needed rest and relaxation. In Texas, you can enjoy your pool most of the year. However, did you know that the different weather patterns of the season can affect your pool? Depending on what type of weather your area is experiencing, the […]

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Protecting Your Pool From Rain Water

Rain water hitting a pool with the words, "how rain water affects your pool"

Swimming in your own pool has many advantages, but one, in particular, is the fact that you know exactly what is in it. But that can change quickly when the rain comes. There’s no need to treat your pool like it’s suddenly become a marsh, however; with the information below, you can feel confident that […]

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How to Remove Pollen From a Pool

A gorgeous shot of a pool with the words, removing pollen from your pool.

If you find yourself sneezing and your eyes feel itchy, your body has probably realized that pollen is the heaviest in Northern Texas between the months of March and May. Specifically, the highest counts are from tree pollen and grass pollen. You might think this pollen in the air wouldn’t affect your refreshing morning swim, […]

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How Do I Test My Pool Water Chemistry?

free form pool with rock ledges and spa

Many of us had dreams of having our own backyard pool to lounge in during the sweltering heat of summer during our childhood. If you’ve managed to make that dream a reality, you’ve probably also realized that that childhood daydream neglected to account for all the upkeep a personal pool requires. There’s no need to […]

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Get Your Pool Ready For Winter

Freeform pool with rock waterfall

As we wave goodbye to summertime and decorate our homes for the upcoming winter holidays, don’t forget to pay attention to your pool. It needs maintenance, just like the rest of your home, to get it prepared for the winter. Cleaning your pool, checking the equipment, and balancing the water can ensure that your pool […]

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How to Keep My Pool From Freezing

A frozen swimming pool with the words, how to keep my pool from freezing.

Texas isn’t really known for its cold winters, but occasionally Mother Nature sends a chilling reminder who’s boss. When temperatures dip below 32-degrees Fahrenheit, your swimming pool is at risk of freezing. A frozen pool can be catastrophic; the pump and pipes can freeze and your equipment can crack. In order to avoid this, there […]

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Types of Pool Algae

backyard pool with swim up bar

Summertime is the perfect time to take advantage of your pool. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to do so when your pool fills with algae. The methods of getting rid of pool algae can vary depending on the type of pool algae you have. Here are the different types of pool algae and how they can infiltrate […]

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