rectangle backyard pool with huge glass tile spaYour pool provides your family a little paradise to escape to for some much-needed rest and relaxation. In Texas, you can enjoy your pool most of the year. However, did you know that the different weather patterns of the season can affect your pool? Depending on what type of weather your area is experiencing, the care needed to keep your pool running strong changes. Here is how different types of weather affect your pool.

Thunderstorms and Heavy Rain

Strong storms are common for Texas during the later spring and throughout the summer months. While many people often worry about the impact the storms will have on their yard and roof, another area to check for potential damage is your pool.

Heavy rainfall can throw off the chemical balance of your pool. The rain naturally dilutes your pool but it also brings bacteria and dirt into the water. This will cause the active chlorine to take action, causing its levels to drop. Before you jump back into the pool, check the chemical balance, and adjust the levels.

In Case of Hail

Hail damages roofs and cars. It can also harm roller shutters or other types of pool covering. To better protect your pool roller shutters, it is best to open the shutter before the storm hits as this will allow the roller shutter casing to act as a shield for the slats.

Sunny Days

Sunny days are plentiful in Texas. During the long, hot month of August, your pool becomes a welcome companion to escape the heat and enjoy the outdoors. However, while you may love the many hours of sunshine, your pool will need a bit of care.

The sun not only dissolves some of the water in your pool, but it also makes a lot of the protective products less effective. Chemicals, such as chlorine, tend to dissolve more quickly as the UV rays break down the chemical components in it. Make sure you check the chemical levels of your pool at least once every day or every other day to ensure your levels are safe.

Also, be on the lookout for algae. During the summer months, the warm water and bright sunshine can make your pool susceptible to this parasite plant. You can avoid an algae infestation by maintaining the water quality and cleaning your pool weekly.

The Frigid Winter Months

When the winter season is here, many people close down their pool until the next spring. During these months, it is important to allow the water to circulate in your pool’s piping. This will prevent it from freezing and causing your pool pump or filters to be damaged. When spring comes around, you’ll have a more efficient start-up so you can jump back in!

No Matter the Season, Summerhill Pool Has Your Back

Summerhill Pools is dedicated to ensuring that you make the most of your pool season. This is why we offer regular maintenance services, repair services, new pool builds, or renovations for our clients in Dallas!  No matter the season or the need, you can rest assured that our knowledgeable pool experts have your back! Protect your pool by contacting Summerhill Pools today!

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