rock waterfall into a residential poolA pool is a fantastic investment for any home. It provides a cool place to relax during the summer, it looks beautiful when properly maintained, and it helps raise the value of your home. Adding ornaments, such as a waterfall, to your pool can help keep the water clean and increase the value of your pool. If you are interested in adding a waterfall to your pool but are unsure how just follow these simple steps.

Materials and Tools That Are Needed

In order to successfully add a waterfall to your pool, you will need to purchase a waterfall kit. This kit will have the necessary materials to put together a beautiful and coherent water feature. There are also additional tools that are generally needed but are not given in the kit. These tools are as follows;

  • White Gravel
  • Assorted Plants
  • 30-linear feet of electrical metallic tubing
  • A plastic conduit
  • Four EMT elbows
  • Two wet location boxes
  • Wet location switch
  • Wet location GFI outlet
  • 50’ electrical snake
  • Shovels
  • Cordless drill with screwdriver attachment

Step 1: Preparation

Unpack your waterfall kit but be careful not to damage or scratch up any of the parts. Read through the enclosed list of materials included and ensure your kit came with everything.

Next, decide where you want the waterfall to be installed. Once you have your desired location, you will need to dig out the area to accommodate your waterfall structure. Reference the guide included with your waterfall kit if you’re not sure how big and deep to dig the hole.

Step 2: Assembly

The next step is to assemble your waterfall structure. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions as closely as possible. Missing a step or putting the fountain together incorrectly could cause it not to work or break when you turn it on.

Once you have finished putting the waterfall together, set it in the location you dug out previously.

Next, make sure that the waterfall is set so that the suction tube can reach comfortably into the pool. If it is even slightly above the water’s surface, air can get stuck in the pump, causing your waterfall to sputter. Also, make sure that the spout is pointed towards the pool so that the water can fall back into the pool and not on the side of it.

Step 3: Connect the Pipes to the Pump

Connect the pipes to the pump so the water can accurately flow through the fountain. It is important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully while doing this step.

Step 4: Connecting the Electrical Lines

Next, you will need to set up an electrical connection to the pump. Make sure to run the electrical cords, included with the waterfall kit, into the electrical metallic tubing to keep animals from chewing on the lines. Connect the power from the pump to an outdoor outlet or to the power conduit.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Make your waterfall look natural by adding gravel or stone to cover in the rest of the hole and plant shrubs or flowers around it to hide the electrical connections. This helps make the waterfall look stunning and give your pool a tropical feel.

Now you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of your pool and the soothing sounds of your new waterfall. If you would like to renovate your pool to match the look of your new fountain, contact Summerhill Pools today!