How to Protect My Pool’s Plumbing During the Winter Months

Freeform pool with rock waterfall

You’ve enjoyed swimming all summer, but now winter is here, so it’s time to winterize your pool to take care of the plumbing and avoid damage. Cleaning your pool’s plumbing during winter can be time-consuming and complicated. But if you don’t put effort into maintaining it, your pool will start to deteriorate. Here are some […]

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Types of Pool Filters: Which is Right for Me?

The Canturbury job contained four beautiful water spouts - each creating a stream that jutted out equal distance. It looks beautifully when installed properly but requires a strong understanding of hydrodynamics to plumb correctly.

Swimming pools are a great source of fun for family and friends. This is especially true if you live where it is hot for many months out of the year, like Texas. For homeowners lucky enough to have one, a sparkling cool pool to slip into after a long day at work is great to look forward […]

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Swimming Pool Upgrades for Next Pool Season in Dallas

Too often, you’ll finally get around to getting that pool upgrade you’ve been dreaming about when it warms up, and by the time it’s actually ready to use, the warm season has already passed. If you get started on them now, though, they’ll be ready for you to enjoy all summer long next year and […]

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Different Types of Pool Cleaners

backyard pool with swim up bar

Gone are the days where neighborhood kids were your best, and possibly only, option for cleaning your pool. Technology has progressed and there are now many options to choose from. Whether as a supplement or your primary cleaner, here are 5 options to consider. 1. Robotic Pool Cleaners The great thing about a robotic pool […]

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What Are the Most Popular Pool Water Features?

scupper water feature

Many people know that they can personalize their pool’s shape, materials, and even color but neglect to consider the impact water features can have. Water features can make your pool stand out and add something truly amazing to your personal oasis. Read on to find out what water feature options you have to take your […]

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What Is Pool Automation?

A crystal clear swimming pool with the words, what is pool automation?

Advancements in technology have improved our lives. From garage door remote controls to voice-activated televisions and phone-controlled activated security cameras and light switches, the world of possibilities has opened up for convenience. Your swimming pool maintenance equipment can also be automated. This month, we are diving into pool automation so you can decide if it’s […]

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How to Clean a Cartridge Pool Filter

A beautiful pool with the words, how to clean a cartridge pool filter.

Whether you’ve recently installed a new pool or you’re planning on a future one, there are important maintenance tips you need to know. Proper maintenance ensures that your pool is clean, the water is safe to swim in, and that your pool’s structure and equipment are working properly. New pool owners may be unsure of […]

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Pool Gift Ideas

scupper and sconces on water wall

Around the DFW area and the United States, pools are a popular hang out in the hot summer months. Pool owners take a lot of pride in their swimming pool, as it adds a beautiful spot for family and friends to get together and build memories. If one of your friends or family members own […]

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How to Add a Waterfall to a Pool

rock waterfall into a residential pool

A pool is a fantastic investment for any home. It provides a cool place to relax during the summer, it looks beautiful when properly maintained, and it helps raise the value of your home. Adding ornaments, such as a waterfall, to your pool can help keep the water clean and increase the value of your […]

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When Should I Replace My Pool Filter Cartridges?

A pool filter gauge.

Maintaining your pool’s filter cartridges is essential if you want to provide a clean and safe environment for your family and guests. Dark coloration of the cartridge, a broken band, and broken end caps can all be signs that your pool cartridge needs to be replaced rather than cleaned. If you are unsure what the […]

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