A pool filter gauge. Maintaining your pool’s filter cartridges is essential if you want to provide a clean and safe environment for your family and guests. Dark coloration of the cartridge, a broken band, and broken end caps can all be signs that your pool cartridge needs to be replaced rather than cleaned. If you are unsure what the best action to take concerning your pool’s filter cartridge, just look for these signs that it is time to replace your pool filter cartridges:

1. The Health of the Band

Your pool’s filter cartridge has a band which ensures that there is proper spacing between the pleats of the filter and the cartridge. If the band breaks, this spacing is reduced, which decreases the effectiveness of your pool’s filter. The way to tell if your band is broken is by inspecting the band itself. If you see a significant amount of tearing or cracking on the band, then it is time to get the cartridge replaced.

2. Coloration

While you are inspecting your pool’s filter cartridge, you will want to take notice of the cartridge’s color. If it has dark brown or oily stains, clean the cartridge off to ensure that the stains can come out. You can accomplish this by soaking the cartridge in a cleaning solution to help clear the oils out. If this doesn’t do the trick, you will need to replace the filter cartridge, since this is an indication that the cartridge has gone bad.

3. Inspecting in Between the Pleats

You will also need to check the area between the pleats to ensure that the pleats are not degrading. If there are signs of damage, you will want to replace the cartridge as soon as possible. Damaged pleats mean that the cartridge is no longer properly filtering the water. This could lead to a chemical imbalance, algae growth, or the growth of other harmful bacteria.

4. Broken End Caps

No matter how the rest of your cartridge looks, its end caps – the plastic bookends of your cartridge – are the true sign of the cartridge’s overall health. If the end caps are broken or cracked, it means that the cartridge has lost its ability to completely filter the dirt and grime out of your pool. This can lead to a growth of bacteria, resulting in imbalanced pool chemistry. You will need to get your cartridge replaced immediately if the filter caps are broken.

You want your pool to be a safe and fun environment for your family and guests to enjoy. Fortunately, a maintenance plan from Summerhill Pools can help keep your pool healthy all year long. Contact us today for all of your pool maintenance, remodeling, or installation needs.