Most people think of swimming pools as luxury items. The oasis they create allows anyone who dives into one to cast their worries aside and enjoy the crystal blue depths. However, key differences separate a typical backyard swimming pool from a unique luxury pool. What are those differences? Luxury pool water features. 

Regardless of whether you are looking to build a new pool for your home or update your existing one, luxury pool water features can elevate the appearance and value of any pool. Summerhill Pools are your trusted experts when it comes to custom pool designs that perfectly blend elegance and functionality. Transform your pool with these luxury pool features:

Luxury Pool Water Features Defined

Several characteristics set luxury pools apart from standard swimming pools, including:

  • Having a dark and dramatic appearance
  • Inspiring a feeling of endlessness
  • Being easy to clean with robotic pool cleaners
  • Being eco-friendly
  • Having automated pool features to ease maintenance
  • Creating an oasis of comfort

While the definition of luxury depends on the individual, all luxury pools are set apart by their incredible details, use of special water features, and automation which makes maintenance cleaning as easy as possible for the pool owner. 

Breathtaking Cascades and Waterfalls for Dallas Luxury Pools

new modern pool with spa

Looking to turn your backyard into a paradise? Incorporating breathtaking cascades and waterfalls into the design of your Dallas luxury pool can make your backyard feel like the tropics. A backyard grotto is a rocky area by your pool that often incorporates a captivating waterfall. Although they’re usually made from artificial rock for lower construction costs and safety, real rock can also be used. 

Caves can also be carved into the grotto, creating a safe place for swimmers to relax out of the sun. Some pool owners incorporate underwater seating and a swim-up bar in the cave, designing the perfect space to have a refreshing drink and conversation with friends.

For pool owners with more of a wild side, a slide can also be built on the grotto. This popular feature among pool owners with kids creates a sense of adventure during every swim.

Contemporary Luxury Pool Fountain Designs

For pool owners who want a more majestic look to their pool, such as creating a Roman bathhouse feel, a luxury pool fountain can make all the difference. These fountains add life to your overall pool design by giving it a sense of motion. They can be modeled into an image, such as a person, animal, or exotic plant. Others can be sculpted to look like a traditional, multi-tiered fountain. Finally, some pool fountains can spray across the pool, creating an eye-catching display that also aids pool circulation.

Illuminating Your Dallas Swimming Pool With LED Features

LED lighting for your swimming pool is the perfect solution for pool owners who are looking for energy efficiency and longevity. LED lighting may cost a bit more upfront than other types of swimming pool lighting but the longer lifespan of the lights helps make up for this in terms of operating and replacement costs. Pool owners enjoy LED pool lighting due to the following benefits:

  • Energy efficiency: Long-term costs are an important consideration for many pool owners. LEDs produce more light than other traditional pool lighting systems but use less electricity. The money pool owners can save on their energy costs can help them see a return on their investment throughout the pool’s lifetime.
  • Durability: LED pool lights are known for their incredible durability. Traditional incandescent pool lights may last about a year while an LED can last five to twenty years, depending on the type you invest in.
  • Unique colors: LED pool lights not only make it possible to swim at night but they also have a wide range of color options available. They can be used to highlight or accent certain features of your pool. You can change the colors whenever you like with a remote or smartphone. Some LED lights can even be programmed to create custom light shows. Elevate your next pool party by adding gorgeous LED pool lighting.

Creating Serenity With Luxury Pool Spas

Relax your muscles with family and friends after a long swim with a luxury pool spa. Water from the spa can spillover into the pool to create a calming sound and visual intrigue. Spillover spas can also improve your pool’s circulation and tie together the look between your swimming pool and spa. 

A luxury pool spa can either be attached to your pool or be a separate element as part of your pool deck. These spas create the perfect tranquil oasis for swimmers to relax and enjoy refreshing beverages and quiet conversation or even a good book. 

Incorporating Natural Elements In Luxury Pool Design

Natural elements can help transport your Dallas pool into a tropical world that is full of beauty and magic. With so many special natural features for pool owners to choose from, our pool construction experts have compiled a list of our favorites:

Rock Waterfalls

Rock waterfalls are designed to mimic natural rock formations and can be used to create a lagoon or tropical-inspired swimming pool. The gorgeous cascading waters not only have eye-catching visual appeal but also help cool down the pool’s temperature during the summer.

Sheer Waterfalls

If you are looking for something that isn’t as dramatic as a rock waterfall, a sheer waterfall can be another great design. It can be made using stone for a natural appearance that is perfect for more contemporary or modern-styled luxury pools.

Fire Elements

Use fire to create a bold statement around your pool. A fire bowl, linear fire, or other custom fire elements can imbue your pool with magic. Fire bowls can serve as a conversation piece and are visually captivating, perfectly contrasting the calm waters of the pool. Fire provides a sophisticated yet wild look that greatly heightens the intensity of your pool’s overall appearance.

Wok Plot Planters

Surrounding your pool with the beauty of mother nature can make it feel like a natural body of water. Stunning ornamental pots add a touch of elegance to your pool’s design and serve as the perfect housing for your plants. From succulents that create a desert oasis to the captivating ornamental grass that brings the tropics to your backyard, there is no shortage of ways to dress up your pool in nature’s finest. 

Classic Water Feature Designs for Dallas Luxury Pools

glass tile spa with water feature

More classic water features for your swimming pool can also elevate the entire look and feel of your pool, without pulling the eye away from the more dramatic elements. These water features include but are not limited to the following:

  • Rain curtains: Designed to create a falling wall of water that is typically installed on a raised wall or a pergola roof. Renowned for their ability to add a sense of luxury to any pool, rain curtains also make a soothing sound.
  • Sconces: This simple water element can be mounted to the raised wall of a pool. With a small opening that allows a narrow stream of water to flow out, they help improve water circulation without being too disruptive to the other elements of the pool.
  • Bubblers: For pools with a shallow end or sun shelf, bubblers are a wonderful addition. They spurt a small geyser of water, keeping sun shelf loungers cool, while adding visual intrigue. 
  • Deck jets: Also known as laminar deck jets, this water feature is installed directly into the pool decking, gunite pool walls, or even sidewalls. These jets are hidden out of sight and create a beautiful arch of water that hits the pool. They help keep the pool water cool while creating a fun place for swimmers to go when they want to get their hair wet without dunking their whole head into the water.
  • Scuppers: Installing scuppers into a pool or spa can greatly help with the circulation of your pool’s water, keeping its temperature more consistent. They also create that much sought-after relaxing sound of flowing water. 

Smart Technology in Luxury Pool Water Features

Pools are great escapes, but they require lots of maintenance to look and operate at their best. Thankfully, advancements in the pool industry have completely automated some pool maintenance tasks. While automation won’t necessarily make your pool maintenance hands-off, it can make it a lot easier. Here are some options to automate your luxury pool.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Smart technology in pools has led to the creation of pool cleaners that operate on their own without having the pool owner do the manual labor. There are several types of automatic pool cleaners available:

  • Robotic pool cleaners: These self-propelled devices drive along the bottom of your pool to remove dirt and grime.
  • Suction pool cleaners: These cleaners move along the bottom of the pool, using power from the pool filter to run. They must be attached to a suction port such as a vacuum line to run. 
  • Pressure pool cleaners: One of the most popular types of automatic pool cleaners, these travel along the bottom of the pool and operate differently depending on which type you get:
    • Booster pump-powered cleaners: These powerful automatic pressure pool cleaners turn themselves on, clean the pool, and then automatically turn off.
    • Filter pump cleaners: This less powerful option runs alongside your pool’s filter and has to be turned on and off by hand.

Automatic Pool Sanitation Systems

Smart technology can also aid in the sanitation of your pool. Here are the different automatic pool sanitation methods: 

  • UV pool sanitation systems: Uses UV light to eliminate pathogens in your pool.
  • Ozone pool sanitation system: Utilizes ozone to inactivate and kill viruses, bacteria, and parasites in your pool.
  • Saltwater chlorinator system: Converts salt into chlorine.
  • Pool ionizer system: Also known as a mineral sanitizer, this system uses silver and copper ions to eliminate algae and bacteria in the pool.

Automatic Pool Chemistry

One of the most important aspects of pool maintenance is ensuring that your pool is properly balanced. A pool with the wrong chemical balance not only leads to a dirty pool but it can also make your swimmers sick. Automatic Pool Chemistry Systems allow pool owners to monitor and modify the chemicals of their pool with a push of a button on their smartphone or tablet.

Automatic Pool Covers

A pool cover is an essential component of keeping your pool clean during the off-season. With a push of a button on your smartphone, tablet, or even a remote, you can protect your pool without stepping outside.

Remote Control Pool Water Heaters

A pool heater is a luxury pool feature. Today, many smart-device- and remote-controlled water heaters allow pool owners to keep their pool at the perfect temperature all year long.

Remote Control Variable Speed Pool Pumps

A pool pump is a central part of your pool system. Without it, your pool would not be able to properly circulate water through the filter. A remote control variable speed pump allows homeowners to control when their pool pump is activated and at what speed it runs.

Ready to Design Your Luxury Swimming Pool?

Summerhill Pools is proud to be Dallas’s premier pool builder that specializes in creating custom-built luxury pools. These stunning pieces of functional art are guaranteed to increase your home’s overall value and give you and your family a place to escape. Our pool builders have years of experience designing gorgeous high-quality pools in the DFW Metroplex. If you are looking to create your luxury pool for the perfect outdoor oasis, contact our pool designers today! We would love to sit down and go over the different options available to make your dream pool a reality.

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