A freeform pool with an umbrella table and a custom pool deckAt Summerhill Pools, we take pride in each design and build we construct. For us, a pool is the ultimate escape and a place of peace, a little slice of custom-built paradise that lets all of your cares float away.

To illustrate the caliber of our work, we have created a showcase for one of our favorite pool projects: the Leichte job. In this article, you will find a thorough breakdown of the elements that went into this project and what went into this highly unique, custom-built freeform oasis. We hope that this article will provide you with inspiration for your dream pool and that you will choose our team to help you make it a reality.

Freeform pool with an umbrella table and three bubblers surrounded by landscaping and an iron fence

Elements of this Pool Design

The Leichte job was a pool build that combined the flowing shape of a pond with incredible natural elements and plants. Here is a closer look at the many elements that went into creating this pool:

Type of Pool: Freeform Pool

Freeform pools are designed to make it look as if a natural body of water, such as a pond or lagoon, is flowing in your backyard. Pairing this shape with natural elements, such as stones, plants, or special water features such as a grotto or waterfall, can make the pool come to life.

Water Feature: Bubblers and Weeping Wall

For the Leichte job, we wanted to incorporate the relaxing sound of flowing water to match the natural flow of the pool. This aesthetic was accomplished by adding three bubblers to the end of the swimming pool. The bubblers had the added benefit of improving the circulation of the water, which discourages the growth of algae and keeps the maintenance costs low.

The bubblers were tied directly to the pool’s filtration system. The filtration system we used was the Zodiac ePump which has a variable-speed operation. The variable speed operation greatly reduces energy cost over time, allowing the user to see a return on their investment.

The Leichte job also had a “weeping wall” on the side. This weeping wall consisted of a waterfall that ran gently over the side to provide an extra layer of water circulation for the pool, also adding to the overall calming atmosphere.

Additional Elements

A custom umbrella table was added to create a place in the pool for swimmers to momentarily escape the blaring sun. Here, swimmers could take a break to enjoy a nice drink and listen to the soothing sounds of the water flowing around them.

Colored concrete was used on the deck of the pool to give the border a nice stone color and provide a slip-resistant surface. The rich hue of colored concrete helps bring attention to the water and gives swimmers an added level of safety.

Colored Pool Surface

At Summerhill Pools, we use SGM plaster to construct the surface of our pools. This manufacturer produces premium high-end plaster products that are unique and can be custom-blended to create one-of-a-kind hues, textures, and colors. For the Leichte job, we combined River Rok technology with a dark blue color finish. This allowed for the water to have a striking and breathtaking darker color, allowing it to contrast nicely with the lighter colored pool deck.

A freeform pool with an umbrella table and a custom pool deck

Pool Installation Process

The professionals at Summerhill Pools have the skill set, the knowledge, and the passion for building exceptional pools and providing unparalleled customer service. Dave Jetter, who was the superintendent for the Leichte job, has a passion for building exceptional swimming pools in a short time frame, allowing for our clients to dive into their dream pool sooner without sacrificing quality. For example, he completed the Leichte pool installation in 3 weeks.

We only use the strongest materials when we construct our pools. The Leichte family will be able to enjoy their pool for many years to come.

Unlock Your Backyard’s Potential With a Pool From Summerhill Pools

Having a pool to dive into after a stressful day at work or to spend the weekend by is a must-have in Texas. Summerhill Pools can help you escape the heat and enjoy your backyard to the fullest with a custom build that takes your dreams and makes them a reality. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact the team at Summerhill Pools today!

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