The Canturbury job contained four beautiful water spouts - each creating a stream that jutted out equal distance. It looks beautifully when installed properly but requires a strong understanding of hydrodynamics to plumb correctly.

Types of Pool Filters: Which is Right for Me?

When you’re getting a pool installed or you need to replace your pool filter, there’s an important decision you must make: what kind of pool filter should I get? There are three different types of pool filters – DE filters, sand filters, and cartridge filters – and each has their own benefits and detriments. As […]

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Shotcrete Phase of a New Pool Build

How to Locate a Leak in a Pool

A leaking pool can be a very costly problem. Pool leaks waste gallons of water and may be a sign of structural damage that will only get worse if not addressed quickly. If you believe that your pool is leaking, it’s important to know how to identify the source of the leak. Fortunately, there are […]

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Image of a pool early in the construction process

Signs that your Pool Needs to be Resurfaced

The average regular plaster pool surface is designed to hold up for about 7-10 years. After that (or sometimes earlier), a variety of issues can plague your swimming pool. From a rough texture to unsightly stains, these issues can often make your pool unattractive or even unsafe. While you may think that your pool’s problems […]

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A pool at night lit from both the outside and the inside

How to Safely Replace a Pool Light

Having a bulb go out in one of your pool lights can be frustrating—especially if your first thought is that you’re going to need to drain the water from your pool in order to safely access and replace the bulb. In reality, most pool lights and bulbs are designed to be easily replaced without the […]

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Shotcrete Phase of a New Pool Build

7 Signs that it’s Time to Update your Pool

Have you stopped enjoying your pool? Maybe it has obvious signs that it needs some repairs, such as broken tiles or a cracked pool shell. But what if your pool is swimmable and you still don’t feel like taking a dip? Or you see the obvious signs of wear and tear, but you just don’t […]

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A worker smooths a recently poured concrete deck with a house and some other workers in the background

Pool Deck: Pouring Concrete – The Collins Job

Every element of a pool build is exciting to our passionate pool builders. At Summerhill Pools, we don’t just design pools – we design relaxing retreats right in your backyard. A big part of creating a great atmosphere around your pool is the deck, which is what we’re working on today. Previous Steps in the […]

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Pool Design Plans Choung Job

Pool Designing & Breaking Ground – The Choung Job

Summerhill Pools is breaking ground on a new freeform swimming pool in Dallas, TX. Right now, we’re in the process of taking our detailed pool designs (seen above) from the drawing board to the field. Our expert designer drew up the plans for this beautiful pool-to-be using Pool Studio. The design plan is for a freeform pool […]

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Adding Elegant Touches

Which is Better for Pool Decks – Concrete or Pavers?

When it’s time to get a new pool deck, the two main choices are concrete and pavers. Some pool and deck construction companies only use one or the other, so it’s a good idea to understand the pros and cons of each before hiring a pool contractor. So which is right for your needs? The short answer is […]

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A blueprint of the steps and handrail for a pool

Laying the Shotcrete Pool Shell – The Texican

It’s time to pour the shotcrete shell for the Las Colinas Texican Hotel’s pool. Shotcrete is a key ingredient in every new Summerhill Pool swimming pool because it is the best material for forming pool shells. If you’re curious about what goes into creating a pool shell, read on to learn more. Steps to Take before […]

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A freeform pool with an umbrella table and a custom pool deck

Freeform Pool Idea – The Leichtle Job

Here at Summerhill Pools, we take pride in each pool that we design and construct. If you’re looking to have a new swimming pool constructed on your property, we hope that some of our favorite pool projects will provide you with inspiration. Below, we’ve included photos of our recent Leichtle home pool, along with a […]

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